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Our Team

Team Leaders

  • Ved Krishna
    Head of Strategy

    Our Head of Business is our eternal optimist. Nothing seems to bring him down. We have faced numerous hurdles during his stewardship and he just keeps going. He has a keen strategic mind and is always in search for innovative ways for building business. He has been with the organization for over 14 years and has grown the company over 4 times. We continue to have great plans for the future that are drawn with his guidance and he continuously enthuses the team to achieve more and more.

  • Jagdeep Hira
    Head of Business

    Jagdeep has lived and breathed paper most of his working life. He has run all kinds of machines and developed numerous grades of papers. He has worked in different kind of companies and environments and has also had great international exposure. He loves to build organisations taking the team along with him. He is able to understand, grasp resolve issues due to his deep involvement with the process.

  • Manoj Maurya
    Head of Commercial
    Manoj is a continuous leaner.  Whatever job is given to him, he is determined to tackle the challenge and learn whatever is required. He jumps into the task and gets it done. He started at Yash Papers as a trainee in 1997 and now has been a Yash team member for over sixteen years. We are lucky to have him.  In the little spare time he has, he enjoys gardening, spending time with his kids, data analysis, and watching cricket.
  • Shankarshan Shukla
    Head of R&D

    Pulp and Paper Engineer from IIT Roorkee with 28 years of experience in Pulp and Paper Industry in various roles in production, operation and project management with key interest in focused improvement and cost reduction. Before Yash Papers, he has worked with J.K. Papers, Ballarpur Industries Limited, Simplex Paper Mills, Bindal Group. In addition he has 2 years  experience with Mufindi Paper Mills Limited, Tanzania (East Africa)  during its restructuring and recommissioning after its privatization by Government of Tanzania. He has rich experience of different types of fibers in paper making. In spare time he enjoys reading and sharing his experience with youngsters.

  • Anil Gupta
    Head of Finance

    Anil Kumar Gupta, aged about 54 years has rich experience of over 3 decades in the field of Account, Finance, Taxation, Legal, Secretarial, Marketing, Store and Procurement. He has worked as Executive Director of Yash Agro Products Limited, associate Company of Yash Papers Limited from July 22, 2009 to March 1, 2014 along with his existing responsibility. During his tenure, Yash Agro Products Limited has crossed many milestones. He is one of the brightest minds we know along with deeply analytical about each situation. As an officer of the Company, he spent many years of his life providing the Company with good governance.

  • J S Rana
    Head of Projects

    Mr Rana is the most experienced team member we have and his experience shows up in numerous ways, specially when we are about to make errors! He heads our projects and ensures effective on-time execution. He is a great teacher and enables his team to learn and grow. He has spent over 40 years with the paper industry and still doesn't look a day over 40! His career has taken him far and wide, enabling him to work in Thailand, Indonesia, China, Africa and various parts of India.

  • Gautam Ghosh
    Head of Liasoning

    Gautam is our smiling Buddha! He does not have the word ‘No’ in his vocabulary. You give him a task and you can rest assured it will be done better than expected. He puts his heart and soul into his work and remains full of energy and smiles always ready for another party. He looks after public relations and liaison and continuously strives to build better and better relationships to ensure our work carries on without glitches.

  • Sumant Pai
    Head of Marketing - CHUK!

    Sumant is our Mr Energetic! He comes in with as diverse a background as can be... shipping, film making, human resources and production to now tackle sales. Sumant has wide international exposure and an ability to connect with people. He is ambitious and looks to contribute towards the value addition and growth of the business.

  • Shailesh Singh
    Head of Marketing

    Shailesh is the happiness of Team Yash. He always has a smiling face, be it a tough day or a tough assignment. He heads our marketing team. He has brilliant communication skills that keep all our dealers and customers happy. He joined Yash as a trainee, during the early phase of his career and now breathes the culture of Yash. He has a wonderful insight about our paper and it’s market approach.

Board of Directors

  • KD Pudumjee
    Chairman and Independent Director

    Mr Pudumjee is one of the most inquisitive minds you will ever meet. He is our guiding light.

    Mr Pudumjee owned and built Pudumjee Pulp and Paper Mills in Pune, India. Pudumjee mills became the frontrunner for specialty paper in the country and brought in numerous path breaking technologies and developments. Mr Pudumjee was in the forefront of the growth. He is well known as a maverick and is extremely particular about details. We say in the board that nothing escapes KDP he keeps us on track.

    Mr Pudumjee chairs our board and pushes us for growth and better governance.

  • Ved Krishna
    Managing Director

    Our Managing Director is our eternal optimist. Nothing seems to bring him down. We have faced numerous hurdles during his stewardship and he just keeps going. He has a keen strategic mind and is always in search for innovative ways for building business. He has been with the organization for over 14 years and has grown the company over 4 times. We continue to have great plans for the future that are drawn with his guidance and he continuously enthuses the team to achieve more and more.

  • Jagdeep Hira
    Joint Managing Director

    Jagdeep has lived and breathed paper most of his working life. He has run all kinds of machines and developed numerous grades of papers. He has worked in different kind of companies and environments and has also had great international exposure. He loves to build organisations taking the team along with him. He is able to understand, grasp resolve issues due to his deep involvement with the process.

  • Manjula Jhunjhunwala

    Ms Jhunjhunwala is our founder director. As our founder Mr KK Jhunjhunwala always said 'the business is here because of her. She sold her jewellery to provide the seed capital to her husband to establish the business'.

    Ms Jhunjhunwala is a revered educationist and philanthropist. She has built a great name in the field of early education through Jingle Bells Nursery Schools Society. Her passion is to build a better nation for the future generations and works tirelessly towards the same.

  • Narendra Agrawal
    Director Works

    Yash Papers is blessed to benefit from Narendra’s eighteen years of rich experience in projects.  His skills have enabled Yash to minimize downtime, enhance production operations, and improve operational efficiencies. He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from MNREC Allahabad in year 1993. In his personal time he enjoys reading and organizing for the care of children and elderly.

  • Kimberly McArthur

    Kim is the international perspective on the board.

    Kim is passionate about life. She earned a Masters in Communication and built her company Freerange Studios in the USA from a start up to a well known design firm that works on social causes.

    Kim knows how to communicate. She has a brain that can look at issues and guide as they need to be handled. From experience in running her own business for ten years, she gained business strategic experience combined with her great acumen for aesthetics and design. She also has a deep commitment to Yash Papers' CSR efforts.

  • GN Gupta
    Independent Director

    Mr GN Gupta is our senior citizen. He is the most active octogenarian we know.

    Mr Gupta was the chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes in India and he continues to have a thriving practice which he keeps pursuing.

    He is also an impeccable gentleman always dressed appropriately with a suit and tie. He leads our audit committee and ensures that due attention is paid towards compliance and governance.

  • Dr Indroneel Banerjee
    Independent Director

    Indroneel is the voice of empathy on the board. His father was one of the founder directors in the company and he has very ably taken up the mantle. Indroneel has a keen brain that provides us with a different perspective and guides us to be better people. He is a practicing Homeopath and loves to help people as much as he can. He remains a guiding force behind all our efforts with nation building.

  • Imanul Haque
    Independent Director

    We are fortunate to have Imanul to guide us in the world of specialty paper. Imanul has worked with specialties all his life and he knows and understands the requirements. We gain immensely from his ideas on strategy and he drives the development of various grades. Imanul has been the Managing Director for Loparex India and now represents UPM in the country. He is one of the clearest and kindest people we know.

  • Jaideep Narain Mathur
    Independent Director

    Jaideep ensures that we understand legal implications of each decision.

    He is a senior counsel in the Lucknow High Court and has represented the state as the Additional Advocate General for many years.

    Apart from various other things, he has a passion for horses and remains active with his studs winning the Lucknow Derby regularly.

  • Atul Kumar Gupta
    Independent Director

    Atul ji is one of the brightest minds we know. As an officer in the Indian Administrative Services, he spent many years of his life providing the state with good governance and rose to become the Chief Secretary of the largest state in the country.

    He left a legacy of being an impeccable officer and a gentleman.

    He now wishes to spend his time reading and writing books and we await the same. We are fortunate to have him mentor and guide our company.

  • Mr PradeepDhobale
    Additional Director (Independent Director)

    Mr Pradeep Dhobale has been a very well known figure in the paper industry for a long, long time. He spent most of his career with ITC Industries starting as a trainee and rising to the board level. He headed the paper division of ITC and took the same to new heights.

    He is a continuous learner and post his retirement spends time mentoring various start ups to groom them and enable budding entrepreneurs to get results.

    We are fortunate to have his insight and guidance on the board.

  • Mr. Srinivas Vishnubhatla
    Additional Director (Independent)

    Srini is a maverick. He ran away from home to join the Indian army and then spent 13 years serving the nation before deciding to quit and indulge himself in the world of business. 

    Intelligence comes naturally to him. He spent many years working on military intelligence and then rose to the level of Director at KPMG focussing on corporate frauds.

    He then decided to work on creating his own product to help banks become able to detect fraud at an early stage and now runs a start up developing applications for banks.

    We get a different perspective through his presence.

our mentors

  • G Narayana
    Past Chairman and Guide

    Guruji, as the world calls Mr G Narayana, is our beacon of light. Guruji is an expert on Indian Ethos on Management and utilizes mythology and spirituality for better understanding of management.

    Guruji chaired our Company for over 15 years and guided us through many turbulent times. He created values of strong corporate governance and participation by each member of the board.

    He leaves the audience spellbound each time he gives a discourse or training. We are truly fortunate to have his guidance and presence from time to time.

  • Alan Gregerman

    Dr. Alan S. Gregerman is President and Chief Innovation Officer of VENTURE WORKS Inc., a consulting firm based in the Washington, D.C. area that helps leading companies and organizations to develop winning strategies and create successful new products, services, ventures, customer experiences and ways of doing business.  His customers are a wide range of Fortune 500 corporations, growing firms, start-ups, and nonprofit organizations including Marriott International, Johnson & Johnson, Mercedes Benz, L-3, Verizon, Discovery Communications, Omnicom, CSC, CGI, Noblis, Raytheon, World Bank, The University of Maryland Medical System, Ritz-Carlton, Unisys, Children’s National Medical Center and the National Civil Rights Museum.

  • Sonali Tipre

    Sonali Tipre is the Director of a business & financial consulting firm  Margin’sview Consultancy Private Limited. The firm provides expertise driven consulting in  finance & profits. It is a fast growing firm and known in its clientele for sincere approach, bias to implementation & dynamism.

    She completed her bachelors in Commerce & then took up MMS (Master of Management Studies) with a specialisation in Finance. Post her MMS she joined Blue Star Ltd, in their MIS and Corporate Planning Department. She was later sponsored by Blue Star to take an intensive course on Advanced Financial Management from IIM Ahmedabad  & to then enable apply the concepts learnt in the course in the organisation. Due to her initiative & good grasping, she was in the steering committee of most of the consulting endeavours of Blue Star Limited. She also is passionate about teaching, and so while in Blue Star, she started taking visiting lectures in many of the MBA certifying Institutes (like NMIMS, JBIMS etc) in specialised Finance subjects.

  • Arvind Kaul

    Mr. Arvind Kaul runs his own consulting organization Arvind Kaul & Associates. He is a TQM & HRD Trainer and Consultant. Mr. Kaul is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Kanpur (1974) and a post graduate in Management from IIM Bangalore (1979). He secured the Gold Medal for the best performance in Behavioural Sciences in his batch. He is also the recipient of the Most Innovative Project at the National level awarded by the Quality Circle Forum of India in 1993. This award was in recognition of his work of introducing Quality Circle in rural areas. One of the units of Raymond called Silver Spark Apparel Limited based in Bangalore to which he is provided consultancy was awarded as “A Great Place to Work” for 2009.

    Over the last several years Mr. Kaul has provided consultancy and training to several organizations around the country. His clients have included Videocon, Eveready, Raymond, Escorts, Kajaria Ceramics, Hind Lamps, Sterlite, TAFE, SRF, Siel, Ranbaxy, Morarjee Textiles, Oracle, Nucleus Software, Newgen Software, etc. He is on the Board of Newgen Software Technologies.

  • Manuel Mattke

    While Manuel has deep experience in technology and entrepreneurially-driven businesses, his value goes far beyond. With Manuel on our side we are assured that we have a solid thorough thinking to drive our strategy, generosity of soul to ensure we don't forget the bigger picture, and the know-how to actually get things done. He has led businesses, managed massive transitions, built teams, and developed corporate strategies. In addition to benefitting from all of this, we just like him.

  • Basantt Khaitan

    Mr Khaitan is the entrepreneur. He is one of the key suppliers to the paper industry and has build a thriving corporation called Wires and Fabrics Limited.

    Mr Khaitan is one of the sharpest minds we know and brings value to each discussion. He has a keen sense for business and directs our focus towards customers and effective business practices. He has a knack for numbers and is able to find information within data inadvertently.

  • Bernt Treu

    Bernt is our wise old man. He has the capacity to look at the crux of each challenge and come out with a solution that makes common sense. Bernt has taught many of us basics of fiber and paper-making  He comes with a vast experience in agricultural residue pulping with long stints in companies such as Black Clawson and Beloit, USA.

  • DS Gandikota

    He has completed his B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), Andhra University, 1980. He has over 35 years experience in Process Industries  like Oil and Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Nuclear,  Steel, Pulp and Paper, Sugar, Glass, Non-ferrous metallurgy etc. He is an electronic hobbyist and is a versatile Coach, Mentor and Counselor.

  • Vinod Grover

    He is Founding Partner & Director of Kaizen Institute (India) Pvt.Ltd. and  Kaizen Institute – Africa. Having mission to facilitate at least 10 Indian organisations to become World Class, he specializes in Lean Manufacturing - Implementation of Flow, Pull & Synchronisation, Lean in Service Industry including Hotels, Hospitals & Govts; Lean in Agricultural Farms. He has served Territories like India, Middle East (Dubai, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait); Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, Botswana, Nigeria, Mauritius).

  • Kuldeep Tyagi

    Aged 34 years, he is Pillar Head – TQM & Senior Consultant from KAIZEN Institute for India, Africa and Middle East. Kuldeep is Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma and TPM expert and has served companies like BHEL,  SHAPOORJI PALLONJI, BIOCON, STERLITE, VODAFONE, FEDDERS LLOYD , ATLAS COPCO, TORRENT, JOHNSON MATTHEY, PHILIPS GLOBAL, NOKIA, PHILIPS GLOBAL, KIMFAY,  HYBRID, PARDINI, COOK N LITE, HYBRID etc.

  • Deepak Hingorani

    Mr. Deepak Hingorani is a Graduate in Chemical engineering, 1970 batch from IIT Delhi. He has worked for organizations like APPM, Bhargava Consultants, Hangal Paper consultants (Cameroun-west Africa), Sabah Forest Industries, Larsen & Toubro, Enmas Andritz, BILT and Ballarpur Industries. He set up his own consultancy from 2014. We solicit and are blessed to have his consultany as an advisor in the field of pulp mill, recovery process optimization, bleach plant up gradation, exploring possibilities of converting CEHH bleaching sequence to ECF bleaching using Chlorine Dioxide, reduce water consumption in Pulp Mill and improve wet depithing of bagasse.

  • Susan Basterfield

    As a catalyst, a cultivator, and another pair of eyes, Susan helps individuals, teams, and organizations experiment with new ways of working and being, to actualize the workplace of the future. She has worked with startups and multinationals leading her own teams and also been an MD. At Yash Papers we are honored to benefit from her expertise as a Teal Organization Coach, her wisdom in life relationships, and her smiling ruckus-making.