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Team Yash bids farewell to its pioneers

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Team Yash bids farewell to its pioneers

Team Yash gathers together to celebrate the farewell of some of its eldest members of the family. A grand salute to their loyalty & dedication towards their job

Mr Vidya Singh, Mr JP Dubey, Mr CB Singh, Mr Ram Jag Singh, Mr. Shiv Das from Mechanical Sewa Sangh.
Mr. KP Prem Narayan, Mr. Bachu Lal Verma, Mr TB Singh from Kacha Maal Vyapar Sangh. Mr. Devi Prasad Yadav from Manav Vikas Sangh, Mr Ram Yag Singh from Urja Vyapar Sangh.

Yash family is and will always be grateful to them for dedicating their wonderful years to Yash Papers Limited.